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The quality of our product begins with who we hire.



Since 1968, the principals of the company have provided professional services, including software and support for CAMA, assessment management and administration, tax collection for current and delinquent years, digital courthouse technology, and public relations to Pennsylvania counties. Combined, our principal owners have over 100 years of experience assisting nearly half of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties with professional services and software.


Our principals have developed Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) technology tools, local government software, comprehensive public relations and educational programs, enhanced client and technology support, and numerous project and business efficiencies. The collective experiences of our principals and staff form the basis of our organization and ensure exceptional services, diverse expertise, and superior customer service.

Management Team


Gene Porterfield, CPE - President / Chief Operations Officer


Sarah Garner, CPE - Chief Executive Officer / Chief Financial Officer


Cindy Porterfield, CPE - Vice President / Chief Marketing Officer


Tim Barr, CPE - Vice President / Chief Technology Officer


Executive Support Team


Glenn Freeman - IT Director

Jason Garner - Systems Administrator

Wes Graham, CPE - Business Development Specialist


Sarah Thompson, CPE - Business Administrator

Camdon Porterfield, CPE - Public Relations Administrator

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