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What words describe our products?

                                                    Tested, reliable, and current.

EST principals have been providing software customized to Pennsylvania business rules and county needs for over 45 years. Years of implemented system software versions, suggestions from customers and practical application have molded this product line into a comprehensive package for managing Assessment and Tax Claim data, valuation, and reporting.


Modules include CAMA/Tax Administration (including Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion and Clean and Green), Tax Billing, Treasurer (current collections), Tax Claim (delinquent collections), and Occupation/Per Capita.

CAMA and Tax Administration:
industry-best software for the largest of jobs

EST’s Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system is the foremost Assessment Office product available today because it has been developed from the perspective of a county assessor, not from the perspective of a statistician or programmer. The EST CAMA™ software is highly responsive and user-friendly. 


Our product has been improved and enhanced over the last 35 years by incorporating the best input from every Pennsylvania county assessment office in which our principals have worked. The end-result is a system which is not only fully-functional, but easy and intuitive to use, as well.

Connect your office with the people
with CourthouseOnline

EST has always been committed to an open assessment process, and believes that an informed taxpayer will be more accepting of an accurate market value. Realtors, title companies, and other professionals also have a regular need to access official public records. provides a means for county government to make assessment data, images, scanned documents, GIS, and other public data available online without risk to their backend systems or investment in hardware, software, or bandwidth.


Options are available for login-free courthouse WAN access, MyProperty interactive response system, GIS, election results, and e-commerce.

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