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Recent News and Events

First Annual "User Conference" an Acclaimed Success


Evaluator Services held a first-of-its-kind "User Conference" July 23 and 30 in Harrisburg and Greensburg, respectively.

The conference was a multi-faceted program, offering an AAP-credited course focused on assessment practice and a 2-hour overview of EST's new software platform. Specifically-targeted to current EST clients, the day highlighted reassessment tactics and ideology, as well as how EST's new CAMA system upgrades directly correlate with the needs of Assessment Offices, and courthouses in general, state-wide.

Clients could not only see the newest-and-best EST had to offer, but were able to offer their own questions and feedback throughout the presentation.

The dual-location idea was also well-received by the attendees, as it was much easier for Eastern and Western Pennsylvania clients to attend. Breakfast and lunch was also provided. All-in-all, nearly 100 client-employees attended the events - a number that was limited only by office obligations and scheduling conflicts.

One client review stated, "(The conference showed) how important an (EST software) upgrade would be before the next re-val ... (and liked) the convenience of the mouse-based GI/CAMA version."

Based on the positive feedback, EST will indeed plan to bring the conference back on an annual basis, changing up the content each year while continuing to field live software/support questions and comments.

Counties Continue Turning to EST for Software and Support


At Evaluator Services and Technology, we always strive to provide Pennsylvania counties the most up-to-date software, services and consulting to streamline and improve their day-to-day operations. Over the past three years, multiple counties have turned to EST for their departmental software needs, or have reaffirmed their commitment to our second-to-none programming and support.

In 2016, EST deployed Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) and Tax Administration software upgrades in Susquehanna County. This process included legacy formula replication and installing the updated version of the Assessor Review Tool (ART).

In 2017, CAMA/Tax Administration software upgrades and formula replication were contracted for Centre and Fulton Counties, while Franklin County also received their own EST CAMA upgrade.

Currently in 2018, we are upgrading Mifflin County's CAMA and Tax Billing systems, including additional formula replication.


Given EST's reputation as the go-to leader in our field, it's no surprise there are even more counties looking to do the same - in fact, one particular Northern PA county is currently reviewing our proposal.


We will update you when they join the team. Stay tuned!

EST Welcomes Wes Graham


We are pleased to announce the addition of Wes Graham to the EST family.

Graham is a Certified Pennsylvania Evaluator and General Appraiser, bringing with him decades of experience in the assessment and appraisal fields. A former Chief Assessor of Sullivan County, he most recently served as Senior Project Manager on a county-wide reassessment. Among his many accolades, he excels in brand marketing and strategy.

He joins our team as EST's Business Development Specialist, and will be visible at conferences and meetings. We are excited to have him aboard, and look forward to Wes providing our clients with yet more support and knowledge-base.

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