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Cindy Porterfield, CPE, RL

Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer


Cindy Porterfield serves as EST’s Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. She has been active in the fee and ad valorem appraisal profession since 1982. She is a Certified Pennsylvania Evaluator (CPE) and a state-certified Residential Appraiser (RL), and has held assessment certifications in several other states.


In 1990, she was appointed by the PA State Senate to a special two-year, tax-reform committee that conducted public hearings on meaningful tax reform. She has extensive experience with data collection and project supervision. Also, she has excelled as a reassessment project director, informal and formal appeal hearing supervisor and senior appraiser, and continuing education instructor. She has provided expert witness testimony in court for thirteen counties. Cindy has also served as an interim Chief Assessor in Bedford and Venango Counties.

Additionally, she has fulfilled interim duties associated with tax claim and has comprehensive knowledge of tax claim/delinquent collection software and processes. Cindy oversees technical development and support associated with EST’s financial and tax claim modules. She has served as the project lead for numerous countywide reassessments and software deployments, and is currently responsible for the coordination of five county projects. Her experience, expertise, and customer-centric approach have driven process improvements and strategies to manage business relationships.

Cindy studied at the University of Caracas, Venezuela, St. Vincent College and Westmoreland County Community College, where she also sat on the college’s Board of Directors for eight years.


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